I'll tell you what we know...

We know that the Automotive Sales market is changing.
The buying customer is online.
Researching, comparing and shopping.

We know the potential for sales success lies in the Formation and Management of the Relationship with the customer.
We know the modern customer is connected like never before.

We want to train the new or inexperienced Salesperson.
We want to teach them not only the "What" and "Why".
But more importantly "How".

We also know ...

That a Sales System must be used & everything depends on the Salesperson.

That the highest percentage of new salespeople resignations is through lack of training and support.

Due to:

  •   Sales Managers’ lack of time to devote to training.
  • Most training programs only being once or twice a year.
  • Only 15% of knowledge retained from one day training sessions.
  • Lack of thorough, structured and sequential training programs available in all areas especially regional areas.
  • Other sales team members lack of interest to assist effectively.

These factors only add to loss of sales and increased recruitment costs.

Get your new sales staff trained and selling from day one.

Our program is available online 24/7.

It can be viewed on their Smartphone, Tablet or PC.



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